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2020 Cannabis XXL under the sign of cannabis patient

The next goal of the Bavaria Cannabis Association on the way to the legalization of cannabis.

Cannabis as Medicine in “Cannabis Therapy and Information Center Bavaria”

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The Bavaria Cannabis Association  is planning til 2021 a 1000 square meter

“Cannabis Therapy  & Information Center Bavaria” to launch that we will take over Germany as the first institute of its kind in operation.

In our “Cannabis Therapy Center Bavaria” in Munich, we will support cannabis clients with a dedicated team and a multidisciplinary range of services on the way to a pain-free and resilient body.

In collaboration with a team of doctors, the “Cannabis Therapy Center Bayern” will ensure that proper cannabis grown, tested in the laboratory and processed and are supplied only by this medical team, these helpless patients already granted approval for it.
In compliance with the highest safety requirements of cannabis is grown in Bavaria in cooperation and under the supervision of the Bavarian State Government.

A time study should arise to collect better experience for the future through regular cooperation with these patients.
In addition to preparing for the safe use of cannabis in-house training center and patient experiences will be shared. An important point will be to the patient to imagine the variety of cannabis use to take the long term by the common use of tobacco distance.

The “Cannabis Therapy Center Bavaria” is also a starting place for new patients be interested treatments for cannabis. Our team of consultants will also accompany the Request for an authorization cannabis under § 3 (2) BtmG (Narcotics Act) and help you to achieve their rights.

Health is a complex phenomenon and far includes more than the functioning of certain institutions and the correct sequence of biochemical processes. That’s why we look at the body holistically and offer individual health solutions, from which you benefit permanently, including for

This includes our nutrition consultation with our hemp cooking studio, because health begins with a healthy, rounded diet to. In special training to patients of hemp is presented as a healthy food and the possibilities of application.

Child Safety:
The essence of youth protection is the full investigation, therefore, concerned parents can consult their own or as a joint therapy with you children with us and enlighten. Only those who are educated properly can make the right decisions for their health and future.

Let us work together a model, research project realized by the patient to adequately and economically provide and acquire experience for the future. By Medical accompaniment and direct analyzes of various diseases can be created to make it easier in the future to help all patients, especially to experience for cancer treatments are collected.

“Justifiable” or “over legal emergency”

During 200 days on the road for the referendum “YES legalizing cannabis in Bavaria” of cannabis association Bayern had a total contact with circa 150 000. citizens. We have more than 37 000 signatures collected from which the Interior Ministry on
has 27 000 recognized as valid.
During this time, the Cannabis Association of Bavarian learned many cannabis clients and your worries to know that an exemption for cannabis under § 3 (2) BtmG (Narcotics Act) possess. With many of these patients now developed a close relationship, so that we constantly experience the lasting suffering, especially the contingency of their medicine. This state must not and can not be tolerated any longer.
Because of this over-legal emergency the Cannabis Association of Bavarian derives the need to cultivate cannabis for medical care of these patients with immediate effect in order to avert the imminent danger and so as not to become longer the non-assistance guilty.

The above legal contingency is satisfied when patients have no access to cannabis medicine.
This emergency is alone fulfilled if the patients can not afford the necessary / approved cannabis purchase amount. Since most cannabis clients have fallen over the years of her illness to victims and thus most are already unemployed for years (Hartz 4). Thus, they have to get medicine and thus suffer some unreasonable pain, which is to provide a non-assistance and alleged injury equal only to a fraction of their cannabis.
Any complaints and efforts to cost acquisitions of different cannabis patients remained inconclusive to avert this crisis at different health.

Then there is the state of the supply shortages which patients over weeks could not obtain cannabis flowers through your pharmacy. Thus they had without their cannabis medicine to make do and suffer intolerable pain which is to provide a non-assistance and alleged injury equal.

This state must not and can not longer be tolerated because in the past, patients have under this state lost their lives, which is to provide an intentional injury causing death equal.
Because of this over-legal emergency the Cannabis Association of Bavarian derives the need to cultivate cannabis for medical care of these patients with immediate effect in order to avert the imminent danger and so as not to become longer the non-assistance guilty.

On this issue, the Cannabis Association of Bavarian Bayerische Government informed that he will grow in the future cannabis and made an application for the grant of a license to grow cannabis for these helpless patients already granted approval to ensure that every patient the prescribed and previously approved amount of cannabis also is always and in good time. Already the Cologne administrative court had ruled on 22 July 2014 that the self-cultivation of cannabis should be allowed for personal medical purposes. The Court noted in its judgment that the Federal Opium Agency did its discretion exercised wrong in their decisions on the applications. (File Number: 7 K 4020/12):

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Live Music


Rock at its Best!


original rockers from Bavaria!

The Sound: Frills pure classic rock, strong guitar licks on a driving bass / drum foundation and ingenious rock vocals

Drums To Magic

Drums, Beats and Lightshow

Drums To Magic

is a multimedia show of a special kind.

To the rousing program of original compositions and cover songs the drums of “Eddy Winter” and “Kenny Lessmann” are performed live.

The program in detail

  • Livemusic – Wasteland
  • Livemusic – Drums of Magic
  • Livemusic – Drums of Magic


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Exhibiton Plan


The Cannabis XXL 2017 was in the zenith hall.

The Zenith is one of Munich known event halls and ….


How to get there


On the Cannabis XXL you will find a wide range of exhibitors from all areas of hemp-usage.

  • Cannabis as Medicine
  • Hemp as Food
  • Hemp as Biomaterial
  • Hemp as a luxury
  • ... and much more

To see exactly which exhibitors can be found where, see the exhibitor list below

exhibitors list

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